General Practices
Quality Amazon Basins are expensive animals. As such, should you invest in one (or several) we have a few general practices that we recommend to keepers of these extraordinary creatures:
  1. Maintain a closed system - Purchase captive born animals and never bring wild caught animals into your collection.
  2. Avoid frequent handling of your animals - try to create a consistent environment with minimal disturbances.
  3. Maintain detailed records on each animal.
  4. Never house more than one Basin in a cage except during mating.
  5. Always use a competent antibacterial and antiviral disinfectant on cages, water bowls, feeding tongs, etc.
  6. Always quarantine new animals obtained from other collections even if the animals are captive born - depending on the circumstances, a three to six month quarantine period may be appropriate.
  7. Accept the fact that these are slow growing and maturing animals and use restraint and moderation in your feeding regiment.

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Frasier and Betty
Frasier and Betty